Art is the opportunity to make the invisible visible.

Dance is art in motion. It is about expressing yourself to and through the music and to make music visible. Art in Motion – or short AIM – was founded in 2016 and is a dance studio which main goals are to inspire, educate and to create a safe environment in which the dancers can truly be themselves and grow as artists and human beings. At the AIM dance studio the dancers can commit themselves to their passion and pursue their dreams while having fun.

Our AIM is to bring out the individuality of each dancer and make them stand out by developing their own artistic voice. Instead of forcing everyone into strict routines and make everyone look equal, they will learn to break away from conventions and to believe in themselves. The dancers will start by learning the foundations, history, how to freestyle, sharing their feelings, tell a story through movements and create their own pieces and concepts.It is a new approach to Hip Hop dance classes where you don’t only learn the party steps or choreographies but also learn to become a true artist and increase your creativity by simply enjoying dancing with a wide range of freedom.

Growing as an artist means growing as a human being, to truly become yourself and be proud of it.

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Marc Fol., founder and CEO of Art in motion, started dancing in 2001 with his friends in high school and at „Hamilius“. From day one, he was deeply in love with dance and took every chance to jump around, kick his feet up, be upside down and feel free. As he grew up with the movies of Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, he was always attracted by footworks and the unlimitless of this art form. For him, everything surrounding us is dancing and can affect us in our dancestyles and daily life.

In 2002, in order to get a room to practice in, he started teaching in a youth house for a symbolic 1€ (enough to buy some water). Since then, he has been teaching classes in many cultural and educational institutions in Luxembourg and Europe and also collaborated with dancers from USA, Korea, France, Germany, Ukraine, etc. He takes part in a lot of projects, organizes events in collaboration with different communities and schools. He tries to be the best teacher he possibly can be, so he also forms himself in the history of dance, pedagogical projects and courses, such as anti-violence and dance psychology and is even giving formations to the educational sector on how to implant art in their pedagogical structure.

In 2008, he started going to international workshops and taking part in programs of different dancestyles such as : Hip Hop, House, Locking, Popping, Dancehall, Contemporary, etc. Now he is doing a melting pot with these different styles and teaches how to freestyle and choreography.

In 2010, he founded an non lucrative association called „Street Leaders“ to help the dancers in Luxembourg and to create opportunities by organizing events, workshops, cultural exchange programs and more.

In 2016, he founded the Art in motion dance studio to help everyone find their own language, breaking away from conventions and to inspire the younger generation to believe in themselves. It is a new approach to Hip Hop dance classes where you don’t only learn the party steps or choreographies but also learn to become a true artist and increase your creativity by simply enjoying dancing with more freedom.

Even if he loved going on stage, competitions, traveling etc., he loved it even more to teach his knowledge and sharing his passion with the students. Some of his students follow him since over 10 years. He saw them grow up from a cute kid to a grown human being. For him it is essential to listen to his students, not only when it comes to dance but also if they need someone to just talk to. He wanna reach out to them and make sure that they leave the classes and actually learned something in dance or discovered something new about themselves.


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