Art in motion – or short AIM – is a dance studio founded in 2016 whose main goals are to inspire, educate and to create a safe environment in which dancers can truly be themselves, grow as artists and human beings and pursue their dreams all while having fun.

Our AIM is to bring out the individuality of each dancer and make them stand out by developing their own artistic voice. Instead of for- cing everyone into strict routines and make everyone look equal, they learn to break away from conventions and to allow themselves to be who they truly are.

The dancers start by learning to share their feelings, by telling a story through movements and by creating their own artistic pieces and con- cepts. Next to the dance aspect we also work on their health by having classes with psychologists, physiotherapists, fitness coaches and other professionals in different fields. Dancers from all ages, backgrounds and from all around Luxembourg and the Greater Region join us on our adventure.

It is a new approach to dance classes in Luxembourg, where you don’t only learn the party steps or choreographies, but also learn to become a true artist and get to know yourself and your body on a higher level.

Growing as an artist also means growing as a human being.

Come join us on the AIMventure.



Marc started dancing in 2001 and since day one, he has been deeply in love with dance and took every chance to jump around, kick his feet up, be upside down and feel free. For him, everything surrounding us is dancing and can affect us in our daily life.

In 2002, he started teaching and ever since he has been teaching classes in many cultural and educational institutions in Luxembourg and all around Europe. He also collaborates with dancers from the USA, Korea, France, Germany, Belgium, Ukraine, etc. He takes part in a lot of dance and pedagogical projects and organizes cultural and educational events.

He strives to be the best teacher he possibly can be, so next to travelling and taking classes from international dancers, he also forms himself in the history, pedagogy and psychology of dance and takes courses in dif- ferent fields such as anti-violence, marketing and more. In all his years of teaching, he reached thousands of kids, teens and adults. Some of his students have been following him for over 10 years.

In 2010, he founded a non lucrative association called „Street Leaders“ to help the dancers in Luxembourg and to create opportunities by orga- nizing events, workshops, cultural exchange programs and more.

In 2016, he decided to found Art in motion to help everyone find their own language, breaking away from conventions and to inspire the youn- ger generation to believe in themselves. Next to this project he recently started to write a book about dance and its benefits.



Dance has been part of Alicia’s life as far as she can remember. It was present in social and cultural gatherings as well as family reunions, and she never missed a chance to dance when the music was on.

At the age of five, she started taking Flamenco classes, she moved on to jazz, and she found hip hop during her teenage years. From there, she started becoming familiar with other related dance styles, always eager to learn more.

In 2018, Alicia decided to make dance the protagonist of her life, and she signed up for a master’s in dance in Barcelona. There, she met and worked with a great variety of dancers from different countries and backgrounds, and she deepened her understanding of dance, choreo- graphy and the moving body.

During that time, she started teaching dance – at the same university, where she stayed after graduating – as a guest teacher and lecturer while further learning from the best educators in Barcelona.

She has learned and taught in several countries, including Spain, the UK, France, Netherlands and the USA.

Alicia is now in Luxembourg and ready to share everything that she has cultivated.


From contemporary to Hip Hop with national and international teachers.


History of dance, inspirations, exercices, upcoming events and more.


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