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Hip Hop Dance Classes

From Breakdance to funk and house dance to modern choreography … if it has to do with hip hop dance, you can learn it at AIM Dance Studio.

All levels & ages

We have different classes for all age and experience levels. Don’t be afraid to try!


Become a part of our team and participate in many dance shows, workshops and other projects with our whole crew!

Partner feedback

This experience will not turn my students into GREAT dancers, but they will make their GREAT way with this BEAUTIFUL and UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE.

Alessandra Pasquarelli, Teachter at LTMA

Marc shows a lot of joy and determination when he works with young people and teacher them Hip Hop with a lot of patience, fun and success, which also teaches them values the wouldn’t have learned that fast otherwise – an astonishment for us as school teachers. Marc knows how to be a friend and educator at the same time, he treats his students with respect and they do too.

Edith Hemmer, Cultural coordinator at LCD

Marc is not only a great dancer but also our favourite dance teacher. For more than 4 years, he has successfully held dance classes for beginners and advanced levels in our youth center in Berchem. Beside his particular qualities as a teacher, he is a man of action, reliable and a good organizer who helped us realize many projects.

Jim Urbain, Director at Youth Center Berchem

Marc is a true dedicated and caring dancer, involved in many social projects, he uses his love for dance to help others and creates opportunities for young dancers to show their skills during battles or dance shows.

Sven Soares, Dancer, Model, Photographer from Luxembourg

Marc is a very patient dance instructor. Yet at the same time he is full of energy and has a great connection to his students. His passion shows in his choreographies. Everybody loved him.

Linda Bovini, Theather educator, cultural mediator at Rotondes

Since 2010, Marc has been responsible for a breakdance class for young people from 12 to 26 years, which takes place in the context of the programme „sports for everyone“ by Ville de Luxembourg. Motivated and very professional, he knows how to share his passion for breakdance and transmit his knowledge and skills to the youth who really want to learn this great dance. In a breakdance class by Marc, a lot of fun, distraction and progress are guaranteed.

Sven Schaul, Sports manager at Ville de Luxembourg

You can work very well with Marc Fol and his association Streetleaders. Agreements are respected and you can be sure that all tasks are accomplished realiably. I am keen on cooperating again for another event!

Guy Assa, Communications and cultural manager at Public department Kayl

Collaborating with Marc was very constructive. He is very respectful, cooperative and cares about his students. His devotedness and his joy of Hip Hop motivated our students a lot and everyone participated eagerly. Bravo!

Catherine Ries, Teacher at CNFPC

One of the best dancers and artists in Luxembourg! But more gently, Marc has such a great energy and is a huge inspiration! He gave me good vibes with his brilliant new ideas. Much respect to you, my bro!

Evan Truesteez, Korea

Marc Fol? An honest person. He does what he says! He is a true activist and makes things evolve in Luxembourg, all by giving opportunities to the young people, Respect !!!

Lagaet, Momentum Crew - Portugal

Marc is an original, patient and hardworking man who is also a good leader.

Lawrence Devera, Poreotics Crew - USA

Working with Marc is like working with your brother: A guy with a great heart, full of motivation to share, above all in this discipline which makes us alive, respire this Hip Hop dance that is more than just a dance, but a way of life with all the values it holds (sharing, exchange, respect). Marc is a person who tranmits all these values. Peace and respect to you Marc.

Sadat Sekkoum, Mixité - France