MC Master of Ceremony


The two who inspired the rhythm of the rhymes at the beginning were Frankie Crocker, a speaker at a radio station but he hated rap because they were copying his way of talking and Pigmeat Markham with his song “here comes the judge”. These two were the biggest influence when it comes to the rhythmic talking which MC‘s used at the beginning of rap. Nowadays you have a big variations when it comes to the styles, flows and rhythmes when you listen to MC‘s.

Coke La Roc

As the main role of MC‘s was to hype up the crowd there is the one name which will always come up : MC Coke la rock. He is considered as one of the first MC‘s and was always hyping up the crowd next to DJ Kool Herc with his rhyhmes and calling out his friends. The first rhyhmes were simply saying what the MC sees on the dancefloor. At the beginning they always were called the party rockers.


Sugarhill Gang with their song “Rappers delight” did the first commercial hit, some in the scene say it wasn‘t a Hip Hop song but considered it more as a hit such as a pop song also, a lot of MC‘s feared that

people will think (actually a lot thought so) that they

created rap. They even ended up with a scandal in the Hip Hop scene due to the biting (copying) of the lyrics of Grandmaster Caz by Hank. As Grandmaster Caz was already known for his crazy lyrics it backfired really hard on Su- garhill Gangs reputation. Almost no one in the Hip Hop scene took them serious, even today a lot of Hip Hop artists are saying it‘s not Hip Hop. Still they had an impact in the scene and a fun song though. Maybe the only song people actually know the lyrics.


Run Dmc, with the Hip Hop and Rock mix became pioneers in the scene with their songs and also ended up having the first sponsorship with an athletic brand “Adidas” due to their song “My Adidas”. This was the first time in history an athletic brand sponsored a non athletic group.

R.I.P. Jam Master Jay


N.W.A. came out with Gangster rap, they were not the first ones but they had a huge impact on the society especially when they brought the song “Fuck tha police” out. They condemned the police violence and threatened them. It went as far as the FBI warned N.W.A to not play this song anymore. When they went to do a concert in Detroit, police were already waiting for them at the airport warning them again to not play that song. BUT, as they were sick of the violence of the police (at that time the police violence was insane) they started the concert and dropped the bomb and played the song. At that moment the police ran on stage and the concert was over. Their album was one of the first with the “parental advisory” sticker. After they split up they still had a huge success and impact on society. You might know Dr. Dre, Ice Cube and Eazy E.