“Great dancers are great because of their passion and not because of their technique.”

Martha Graham


Danceteachers from all around the world are joining us in our aimventure. Experts in different dance styles, such as Afro dance, dancehall, contemporary, Funk and others, are regularly coming to teach and inspire you.

We also work with different health experts such as : physiotherapist giving classes about injury prevention or sport psychologist teaching us tipps and tricks about mental health awareness.


Dancing in one of Marc’s classes is like dancing with your family. You not only dance, you grow and improve as a dancer and as a person. It’s amazing when you dance and the others support you and help you to get better, and that’s exactly what you get there. I love being there, it always cheers me up when I’m down.

Aim student

I’ve been taking the aim classes for a couple of years now and he has never disappointed me. I was always looking forward to dancing on Friday because he provides an environment in which I feel safe to express myself without being afraid of anybody judging me. Marc also teaches us different dance styles and one can see that throughout the years he improves his techniques and passes his new knowledge on to us. His classes helped me to find my individual dance style and encouraged me to never stop looking deeper and going further. Marc loves teaching and helps everyone who is willing to learn to find the right path. I can most certainly say that I will never be able to find a teacher like him.

Aim student

I really enjoy the atmosphere during class and how it made me become more of a confident dancer. I also love that everyone is just so open and supportive towards each other. My favorite thing about Art in mortion is that you can just be you and have some fun while doing what you are passionate about.

Aim student

Dance is everything for me. I feel free. Aim helped me especially on the expression of my face and it allowed me to better express my feelings through music. Aim also helped me to get out of my framework because I was dancing like in a locked cage. Now I dance more freely and I take up the whole room. I thank you for that.

Aim student

What I like most about the classes is, that he keeps pushing the students. He always motivates us to continue and I think thats one of the best things a teacher can do. The way he interacts with his students creates a very comfortable atmosphere and led to a close community feeling. I got more self confidence through the dance lessons and it helps me to control myself and my body.

Aim student

I really love the atmosphere that we have in the class. I feel like we are all very motivated to learn, no one is judging and we can just be ourselves. Eventhough we are taking the classes seriously, we are having lots of fun too. I learned a lot about hip hop as a culture, lots of basic steps and I really like the classes where we are exploring how to move every single body part on the music I gained my confidence and pleasure back in dancing.

Aim student

Marc, you are a very big inspiration to me since I started dancing with you. I discovered art in motion last year on the love is the message event where I saw that AIM advanced group. I liked the group so much that immediately I looked at the profile of Aim on instagram and I wanted to be part of the community. So I went to a class of you and I loved it. I’m so happy to be part of this family. I love the classes and that you give a lot of variation to them. I m just happy having you as a teacher and seeing how you support your students.

Aim student

When I come to classes the only thing I do is laugh. Aim is like a family, we work hard together, but we also have fun together. I love the classes because no matter what your always in a good mood and you really inspire me continuing even when I think I can’t do it.

Aim student

When I found Aim I fell instantly in love. I signed up immediately. And i don’t regret it. Thanks to you classes, i have felt more and more confident in my body, my skin and in the person I am. The confidence I learned to have on the dance floor, I also learned to apply that to every other part of my life. Of course, theres still a lot to work on but I’m proud of what I have achieved so far and I’m forever grateful for what aim has brought me and taught me. You and everyone in those classes made me feel like I finally belong somewhere.

Aim student


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